Past Due: Make It Monthly

Below is the brief statement I gave today at the Past Due :: Make It Monthly rally in Philadelphia today

It is indecent that families in America struggle to put food on the table.

It is indecent that Americans cannot afford their homes.

Tens of thousands of people in Philadelphia alone require free meals every week.

Taxes are imposed on Americans as a charge for the support of the Government. We are compelled to make good on that commitment every time we receive income, every time we make a purchase. We are penalized if we do not make good on that commitment.

It is time for the Government to make good on their commitment of support to us.

I am a single mother, we have been the most impacted by this crisis.

We cannot stand by as families suffer.

We cannot stand by when 1 in 5 children are experiencing food insecurity.

Legislators that oppose increases in a stimulus package often say it is our children who will pay the price of this in the future.

I say: when a child cannot eat during this crisis they are paying that price now.

It is time for decency in our country. We won the soul of America in this last election.

What are we going to do with it?

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