Fountains of Blood

from The Black Bicycle

How many will be murdered

on these streets?

How many will be murdered

in their homes?

How many mothers weep

in the dark fighting off fear?

Mourning the loved

the tens of thousands

whose torsos become a spout

making a fountain of blood

shooting straight up

then spraying over us all

When mothers see their child

laying, they are used

to carefully looking for

the slightest sign of a breath

just one rise of the lungs

in the chest

they will stand there staring

as they did when their babies

were first born

carefully, quietly, patiently

looking for a breath

and slowly the terror

slips in – that it will not come

the terror that was always

ended before – with that small movement

the smallest rise in their chest.

You remember putting your hand

on them gently to feel the lungs fill.

On the slab, sometimes

they do not let you touch.

Sometimes, they do not even let

you in. The mothers must look behind a

small glass window with a small black

velvet curtain in a small dark room.

They weep

at the sight of their child on the slab

now the fountain’s reservoir.

Gallons at a time

for the fountain

32,250 gallons in 365 days.[1]

there is no


it does

not cease

there is no justice

there is no peace.

[1] Approximately 21,500 were murdered in 2020, every body has approximately 1.5 gallons of blood in it.

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