Do You want to start a Non-Profit?

Coming Tuesday evenings in January – classes on how to make Your idea for a non-profit organization into a reality. From developing the by-laws and a business plan, showing You how to register your organization with the IRS, to where to file Your organization’s taxes. I can show you the process and forms, making it a reality is up to You!

Reach out at the Contact Page, sign up for emails, and check back in for more information.

Aja is great she helped The PMA Bike Ride become an official non profit after years of trying to get paper work in order. She made it easy and got it all in order. Trust her if you need any help with your non-profit.Joe Cox, Founder and Director, The PMA Bike Ride. Learn more about PMA Bike Ride at and donate at

Aja Beech has over a decade of experience in non-profit management and has assisted multiple organizations in America secure non-profit status, assisting with non-profit tax filings, creating organization by-laws, directing organization restructuring, and developing programs. Since 2008, she has advocated for victims’ rights, restorative justice, and against the death penalty.

In addition to years of experience with non-profits and advocacy, Beech has an MSL in Compliance and Ethics from Fordham University where she was able to take focused programs on International Human Rights, Crisis Communications, and Employment Law that have informed and expanded her work.

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