Over a decade of experience as a Communications Specialist working as a freelance author, consultant for non-profit organizations, grant writer and compliance officer. Subject matter expert on trauma resilience, political campaigns, criminal justice issues, and disability rights. Reach out for consultations and rates on:

Speaking Engagements

Available for online and in-person programs, events, and writing workshops.

Grant Writing
Including: Researching Grant Opportunities, Creating Grant Applications, Creating Funding Timelines, Developing Alternative Funding Plans

Grant Reporting and Compliance.
Including: Interviews with Program Participants for Grant Reports, Development of Program Narratives

Non-Profit Consultant
Including: Developing a Business Plan and Registering a New Non-Profit, Helping Non-Profits that have lost status due to non-compliance, Helping Non-Profits get back on track and Compliant with the IRS.

Political Consultant
Including: maintaining reporting compliance for Political Candidates, PACs, and Individuals. Developing Fundraising campaigns. Staff and Volunteer Management, Social Media and Print Advertising Creation and Compliance, Developing Human Resources procedures and basic employee handbooks for Political Campaigns.

Guide Books
Including: creating informational pamphlets and books on procedures and programs.

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