Reflecting on 2018


Every day, I strive to be better. A better mother, a better community member, a better writer. Instead of enjoying many things I create, I find any flaw in it to correct, to improve as I continue on. It reminds me of the Yves Bonnefoy poem L’imperfection est la cime (Imperfection is the summit). Something I always get from that poem is that recognizing your own imperfection is the height of awareness, in part because it causes you to work harder.  To always be better.

Love perfection because it is the threshold 

But deny it once known, once dead forget it 

Yet, with that, accomplishments can get lost. It can be hard to simply sit and enjoy the moment. At the end of every year, some people make various resolutions and declarations that the coming year will be so much more. Today I want to look back and see how much was made of 2018. To sit for a minute and recognize things that were accomplished, reflect on successes, and think about entering 2019 building off of positive work.


So here are a few moments in my 2018 career I am reflecting on with joy:


On March 1, 2018 a resolution I helped draft to Philadelphia city council, thanks to Councilman at Large Al Taubenberger, called the Resolution on Disability Day of Mourning, was passed unanimously.


Later in March, my support of resources for sexual assault survivors was part of an article about fantastic cabaret singer Shannon Turner at the Philadelphia Gay News.


In May, I was in good company for another A.D. Amorosi piece, this one at the Philadelphia Metro about a vote on mandatory sexual harassment training for City of Philadelphia employees. Women, LGBT activists support sex harassment training for Philly city employees, Philadelphia Metro, May 14, 2018.


I had the honor of appearing on Christine Flowers’ talk radio program twice. In June, I joined a discussion with Christine and PennLive editor John L. Micek to discuss the Down Syndrome Abortion Act. In September Christine and I spoke about the importance of after school programs, not only for educational opportunities, but to keep youth safe and curb gun violence.


In August, I was honored to be mentioned in Helen Ubinas’ article Meet the tireless Philadelphians who give their all to make the city safer, Philadelphia Inquirer.


A few weeks after that, my piece “How to keep kids safe from gun violence: keep them after school” was published at PennLive and the Philadelphia Inquirer.


I’m truly looking forward to what 2019 has in store, for everyone.




  1. Julian Roldan Avatar
    Julian Roldan

    Excellent! Bravo! Here is hoping next year is even better!!


  2. Aja Beech Avatar
    Aja Beech

    Thank You! And for you as well.


    1. Julian Roldan Avatar
      Julian Roldan



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