Aja Beech is a poet, journalist, essayist, communications specialist, and short story author living in America. Her work can be found internationally.  

Beech has over a decade of experience in non-profit program management and has assisted multiple organizations in America to secure non-profit status, prepare non-profit tax filings, create organization by-laws, direct organization restructuring, and develop programs. Since 2008, she has worked locally and globally to support campaigns for disability rights, pay equity, art funding, environmental conservation, and restorative justice.

Be more like Beech. Show up. Stand up. Listen. Collaborate.

Philadelphia Inquirer August 17, 2018

Beech also has a variety of experience with campaigns and with nearly every political party in America. Most of her experience is in her home state, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, where she was the coordinator for the PA AFL-CIO Labor 2020 campaign in a highly tense election cycle in that critical election. 

In addition to years of experience with non-profits and advocacy, Beech has an MSL in Compliance and Ethics from Fordham University Law School where she was able to take focused programs on International Human Rights, Political Action Committees, Crisis Communications, and Employment Law that have informed and expanded her work.

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